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DSI is developing products

Rooted in four of the most advanced new technologies:

  • Metamaterials that perform beyond the classical laws of physics
  • K-W band MOSFETs to destroy viruses, create vaccines & Reactive Deterrence™ beams
  • AI advancements for the best ever spotlight beams for facial/voice recognition
  • System on Interconnect Fabric (SoIF) for the world’s best SWAP-C computers
Virus Vaccine & Destruction Device V2D2
  • Most all viruses have resonant frequencies (~10-100 GHz)
  • Their protective lipid coating will break up as well as the inner capsid core in some at two resonances
  • This destroys a virus particle and the broken segments cause antibodies to be formed as a Vaccine against the whole virus in that host
NON-LETHAL personal Defense

DSI’s Reactive Deterrence™ products will protect lives, stop organized violence and looting, and save America’s 2nd Amendment with these non-lethal devices:

  • NLSW: Non-Lethal Service Weapon for law enforcement
  • NLPW: Non-Lethal Personal Weapon
  • C2D2: Non-Lethal Cell Case Defense Device
  • CPD2: Non-Lethal Cell Phone Defense Device
Tunnel Detector

Using an instrumented pig with an acoustic profiler in a buried pipeline with a 100-year life, existing and new tunnels will be detected and precisely located semi-automatically for:

  • National Borders
  • Penal Institutions
  • Military Base Perimeters
  • Any High-Value Assets
Public Area Defense System
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Shopping malls
  • Theatres
  • Court houses
  • Businesses.
Perimeter Area Defense System
  • US Borders – Multi Layer Fabric with camouflaged sensors and sources
  • Embassies and Courts – Fixed Fabric on a fence
  • Tactical Perimeters – Self-Erecting Fabric fence
Home Defense System
  • Sensors and beams camouflaged in moldings
  • Non-Lethal Reactive Deterrence™ beams to force intruder outside or into a safe zone (room, closet)
  • Residents do NOT have to confront intruder
  • HDS calls police and notifies residents plus status updates
  • All occupants are protected even with no firearm in the home