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Personal Defense Devices Utilizing Reactive Deterrence™

A defensive weapon that is closely coupled to cell phones would be a natural extension to most everyone’s public safety. At the same time, an aggressor’s reaction to such a weapon that appears to be a cell phone would seldom be to protect themselves from the individual holding it.
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Frederick L. Newton
Chairman, D-fence Solutions, Inc.

General Description of the Cell Case Defense Device (C2D2): 

In the daily lives of most every individual, the single most common device used to assist, interact and document actions and events is the cell phone.  In emergencies, the cell phone is used to solicit help.  It may be used to provide light after accidents or power failures, to record audio and video of arguments and physical altercations, and to automatically leave a trail of locations to help law enforcement locate individuals lost or abducted.  If cell phones were also used as weapons, they would already support most all features that users would want to document the actions of any individual who is threatening to commit an illegal act.

A defensive weapon that is closely coupled to cell phones would be a natural extension to most everyone’s public safety.  At the same time, an aggressor’s reaction to such a weapon that appears to be a cell phone would seldom be to protect themselves from the individual holding it.  If the aggressor is actually hit by an invisible beam that is incredibly painful, their first response is to turn away and bend down while holding their face or whatever body part was exposed.  We know this response from field tests performed on over 13,000 human subjects.  The point is that, unless the intended victim is alone and no one else is present, the aggressor will assume that the painful beam came from some unknown source rather than someone simply holding what appears to be a normal cell phone.

The principle of Reactive Deterrence™ was invented to provide for public safety and personal defense, which are central to the goals of D-fence Solutions, Inc.  The devices and metamaterials at the heart of Reactive Deterrence weapons are nearly identical to those used in our V2D2 Virus Vaccine and Destruction Device to destroy COVID-19 and other viruses.  The technical distinction between the public health application and public safety lies in the frequency of operation.  Reactive Deterrence against human aggressors requires an FCC-specified frequency of 95 GHz.  At this frequency, the invisible beam can penetrate most clothing with little attenuation and penetrate human skin to a depth of approximately 1/64th of an inch.  This happens to be the depth of human nerve endings that sense hot and cold.  Consequently, the human response of being exposed to a Reactive Deterrence beam for roughly ½ to 1 second is to believe that the affected area is being burned severely while, in fact, no permanent injury or death will result.

Similar devices and metamaterials used by DSI in its V2D2 virus destruction products will be operated at different frequencies (viz., between 20 and 110 GHz) determined to be the resonant frequencies to destroy either the lipid protective layer or the inner capsid core of specific viruses.

DSI’s commercial interests are to provide the general public internationally with Reactive Deterrence devices conforming to applicable national and local laws in a variety of packages.  One common package will be in the form of cases for all popular cell phones.  The Cell Case Defense Device (C2D2) will be the simplest, least expensive, most effective yet inconspicuous defense device ever produced.

The C2D2 will function as a protective and stylish case for every popular cell phone.  Each C2D2 will interact with the cell phone it is covering using Bluetooth to provide communications to record and document audio and video of critical events so as to (1) protect the user in a court of law from accusations of misuse and denials of the aggressors’ actions and (2) prevent misuse of the C2D2 as well.  All uses of the C2D2 will be fully documented.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is included to help the user abide by local and national laws, warn the user against potential misuse or violation of law, and, in extreme cases, to disable the C2D2 temporarily to prevent any obvious illegal misuse.

DSI has also patented any Reactive Deterrence application where the device, sensors, displays and/or software, data storage and battery power reside inside the cell phone, whether through use of standard capabilities of the cell phone or deliberately designed to be part and parcel to the commercial cell phone.  DSI will endeavor to enter into joint ventures to integrate Reactive Deterrence hardware and software in commercial cell phones on a broad scale.  DSI refers to these “integrated” Reactive Deterrence cell phones as Cell Phone Defense Devices (CPD2) and they may result in a great many forms based on joint ventures with many cell phone manufacturers.

Non-Lethal Service Weapons (NLSW) and Non-Lethal Personal Weapons (NLPW):

DSI will also offer Non-Lethal Service Weapons (NLSWs) for law enforcement and nearly identical Non-Lethal Personal Weapons (NLPWs) for average citizens.  In both products, the devices are “gun-like” in appearance and function.  The primary difference of both products from actual firearms is that they are non-lethal and cause no permanent injury to adults.  A potential drawback is that the aggressor, who is the target, may falsely believe the NLSW or NLPW is in fact a lethal weapon and they may react without hesitation with their own lethal weapon.  Consequently, training in the use of a NLSW or NLPW calls for the user, in many instances, to fire the weapon as soon as it is drawn so as to produce the natural reaction of the aggressor, which is to turn away, run, drop their own weapon or any contraband, release any hostage, or raise their hands to show submission.

Once again, the field tests by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and other agencies against over 13,000 human subjects has proven conclusively that the frequency (~95 GHz) and power levels (<1 W/cm^2 at the target) used in DSI’s Reactive Deterrence™ devices are not lethal and do not result in any permanent injury to the eyes, skin, or vital organs of any adult subject.

The Non-Lethal Service Weapon (NLSW) and Personal Weapon (NLPW) are depicted below.

The Gallium Nitride MOSFET transistor devices used in all DSI Reactive Deterrence™ products are very specialized.  However, they could operate over a wide range of frequencies from the low gigahertz bands such as L, S, C and X (1 – 12 GHz) to the high end of the W-band at 110 GHz.  They are also capable of producing remarkably high output power in excess of 22 W per millimeter of gate width for Reactive Deterrence operating at about 95 GHz.  Furthermore, through additional measures of improving Power Added Efficiency (PAE), especially for arrays of GaN/HEMT devices in MMICs packages, plus special heat spreading and sinking, these arrays can produce up to 2 W/cm^2 over a 20-cm circle at a range of over 100 meters.  DSI is building this Reactive Deterrence capability into most all of its defense products including the aforementioned C2D2, CPD2, NLPW and NLSW but also the Public Area Defense System, the Perimeter Area Defense System (border defense), and the Home Defense System.

NLSW, NLPW and C2D2 Applications and the International Impact Upon Societies:

NLPW devices can be used in most all of the applications as the C2D2s and CPD2s although there may be a very different reaction from those who may be targeted.  In particular, great care must be taken in public places.  Average citizens and law enforcement may assume that a NLPW is a lethal weapon and react accordingly.  DSI’s recommended use of the NLPW is inside a private residence or business rather than in public places like malls, large stores and businesses.

Since it is possible that radical groups such as ANTIFA and BLM in the U.S. and various other extremist organizations around the world may acquire NLPWs, DSI has focused on how various law enforcement agencies can deal with and neutralize this new international threat.  Without divulging proprietary design details, DSI can state that, whenever NLPWs are within 200 meters of law enforcement or military personnel with NLSWs, the NLPWs can be deactivated for a set period of time (e.g., 1 hour) and if the NLSWs remain in that proximity (~200 m) for more than one hour, the deactivation will re-occur for as long as the opposing threat is present.

There may be instances when citizens with NLPWs and law enforcement with NLSWs are allied against opposing citizen groups with NLPWs.  Again, law enforcement equipped with NLSWs can disable opposing citizen groups’ NLPWs for set periods of times in a manner that is at least directional so that the NLPWs possessed by allied citizens who are positioned behind or to the side of law enforcement will not have their NLPWs disabled.

From a strategic and historical point of view, DSI’s Non-Lethal Reactive Deterrence (NLRD) weapons will actually cause national defense to enter the 5th Generation.  Nations that permit and even encourage their citizens to own Non-Lethal Reactive Deterrence™ weapons, such as the NLPW, C2D2 and CPD2, will advance from the current methods of 4th Generation Warfare (mainly dealing with asymmetric attacks on their citizens) to 5th Generation Warfare, where citizens themselves may be the first line of defense using these NLRD products.  DSI’s NLRD products actually “deter” crime or asymmetric attacks by placing the nation’s first line of defense against attacks in the hands of civilians.

Right now, throughout the U.S., organizations like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are backed by far left-wing extremists in local and state governments that have de-funded law enforcement and/or limited their authorized use of force.  In the absence of local law enforcement or in communities where their use of lethal force and aggressive tools such as tear gas, flash grenades, etc. has been curtailed or limited, DSI’s NLSWs should be a welcome replacement.  NLSWs can stop most all illegal behavior (destruction of monuments, police vehicles, precinct stations, stores, businesses; attacks on police and average citizens, looting, etc.) and this can be accomplished without any permanent injury or death to those acting illegally.

With DSI’s NLSWs, there is no excuse for defunding or de-weaponizing local law enforcement because the force used would most always be non-lethal and measured but nevertheless effective enough to control behavior.  DSI’s Non-Lethal Service Weapons are the answer to the anti-police movement sweeping the nation here in the U.S. and expanding to a lesser extent to certain other nations (esp., the UK).

Prior to this recent nationwide movement that may lead to civil war, smaller acts of mass murder tragedies also hit the U.S. in more isolated communities in 2019.  There were three mass murder events in Gilroy, California and El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio in the summer of 2019.  All three events illustrated how important DSI’s personal Reactive Deterrence™ devices will be.  If only 5 percent of the cell phone owners had a C2D2 device, these three horrible tragedies would have been prevented or significantly limited.  Without non-lethal devices like the C2D2, our Second Amendment is in great jeopardy.  And without the NLSWs in the hands of law enforcement, defunding police departments across the U.S. will descend into civil war.

In the Gilroy case, a young man in his 20s watched the shooter stroll into the festival next to the bandstand carrying a rifle.  He said he was only 10 feet to the side of him when the shooter stopped, raised the rifle and started shooting.  The by-stander just turned and ran while the shooter never looked at him.  With a C2D2, he could have easily hit the shooter with the RD beam even before the shooter’s first shot.  Three people’s lives would have been saved and no one would have been injured.  Similar reactions by average citizens carrying a C2D2 or NLPW would have prevented or limited the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton in a similar fashion.

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